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Account Based

If you are targeting a smaller, defined audience then you should consider ABM. Account based marketing helps to start conversations with the right people so that you can have valuable meetings and close bigger ticket deals.



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Account Based Marketing for Growth

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What is Account Based Marketing?

Account based marketing allows you to focus your time, money, and effort on the biggest opportunities. In other words, ABM gets the most out of very specific markets, known buyer personas, or key decision makers. It transforms marketing and sales teams into a collaborative task force that strategizes and executes custom strategies that engage with high-value target buyers in unique and memorable ways.

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Why is Account based marketing Effective?



Why is account based marketing effective? Here are our top three reasons:
  1.  It requires sales and marketing teams to work together, both qualifying leads and creating content with the right message at the right time. 
  2. It is hyper-focused on targeting buyer personas and known decision-makers in an organization. ABM emphasizes quality lead development over quantity, with the goal of closing higher profit deals with the perfect fit customers.
  3. It is a creative and customized approach to lead generation. ABM messaging and content share the same custom quality approach thanks to hyper-focused lead qualification. 
What runs the engine in an ABM Campaign?

Account Based Marketing Tactics



Account based marketing is part of the inbound methodology. It supports the idea that great content, specific target personas, and strategic communication are the keys to new business.

But what actually goes into account based marketing strategies?

ABM requires your message to be seen by the person it is intended for to be successful. The right people from your organization need to connect with the right people from the target company. That means we focus on becoming an easy to find, helpful, and available solution to buyer persona problems. It does NOT mean that we are going to be intrusive, interrupt our users when they're doing something else, or smack them in the face with our sales content constantly.

To be an account based marketing organization, you will likely use some or all of these methods to reach your audience:

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 Executing a successful account based marketing lead generation campaign requires many moving parts. Begin building the foundation with your sales and marketing teams working together to identify the ideal accounts to target and build strategies on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about account based marketing best practices, read our article on Account Based Marketing & Lead Generation.

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