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Some knowledge from the HIVE

Sales & Marketing

Get Actionable Insights Every Week with Our Monday Marketing Tip

Every week our team of sales and marketing experts share helpful and actionable tips to help your business grow better and grow faster. Don't fall behind the curve when it comes to the latest in business trends. Monday Marketing Tips will provide you with a wide arrange of knowledge from industry experts in HubSpot solutions, website development, search engine optimization, and inbound marketing strategy. 

HubSpot Solutions:

As a HubSpot Solutions Partner, we pride ourselves on being industry experts on all things Marketing, Sales, Service, Operations, and CMS Hub related. Stayed informed about HubSpot solutions for everything scaling companies need to deliver best-in-class customer experience. Learn more about this powerful tool and the crafted solutions that help your team grow.

Website Development:

At HIVE Strategy, we handle website development in-house. Our team of developers are total rockstars when it comes to website design and build. With over 1.8 billion websites on the internet today, optimization is essential for business success. Stay up-to-date from our HIVE experts on best practices to leverage your website design, health, and performance. 

Search Engine Optimization: 

How is your website's relationship with Google? A website that ranks on the first page of search engine results will attract 70% of all search engine traffic. That means if you aren't on the first page of search results your website will struggle to get visitors, leads and revenue. Get more information on search engine optimization and the strategies involved to improve website trust and climb result rankings.   

Inbound Marketing Strategy:

Are you interested in getting more visitors to your website, increasing leads, and ultimately making a profit from your marketing efforts? The inbound methodology does just that by optimizing your website and content to say the right thing, to the right people, at the right time. Become knowledgeable of inbound marketing best practices to reach your business goals and return of investment. 

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Topic Clusters

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Lead Nurturing

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing email campaign strategies that work


User Experience

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CMS Comparison

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Free Tools

Free tools to grow your business


Content + Sales

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User Centric Website

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Valuable Content

Creating valuable content


Brand Assets

Creating  brand assets


Sales Navigator

Prospecting with LinkedIn Sales Navigator


Public Relations

Your PR angle



Understanding your data